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South Eastern Coalfields Limited

A Government of India Undertaking

A Miniratna Company

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Coking Coal

​These coals, when heated in the absence of air, form coherent beads, free from volatiles, with strong and porous mass, called coke. ​ These have coking properties ​ Mainly used in steel making and metallurgical industries Also used for hard coke manufacturing

Semi Coking Coal

​These coals, when heated in the absence of air, form coherent beads not strong enough to be directly fed into the blast furnace. Such coals are blended with coking coal in adequate proportion to make coke. ​ These have comparatively less coking properties than coking coal Mainly used as blend-able coal in steel making, merchant coke manufacturing and other metallurgical industries

Non-Coking Coal

​These are coals without coking properties. ​ Mainly used as thermal grade coal for power generation also used for cement, fertilizer, glass, ceramic, paper, chemical and brick manufacturing, and for other heating purposes

Ltc Coke

​ LTC Coke(CIL Coke) is a smokeless, environment friendly product of the Dankuni Coal Complex, obtained through low temperature carbonisation. ​ Used in furnaces and kilns of industrial units Also used as domestic fuel by halwais, hotels, etc.


​ These are the screened fractions of feed raw coal and LTC coke (CIL coke) respectively, obtained from the Dankuni Coal Complex and other coke oven plants. ​ Used in industrial furnaces as well as for domestic purposes


​ These are products from Dankuni Coal Complex using low temperature carbonisation of non-coking coal in vertical retorts. ​ Used in furnaces and boilers of industrial plants as well as power houses, oil, dye, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

The table below sets forth the various gross calorific value (GCV) based bands of non coking coal .

Sl. No. GCV Bands (Kcal/Kg)
G-1 Exceeding 7000
G-2 Exceeding 6700 and not exceeding 7000
G-3 Exceeding 6400 and not exceeding 6700
G-4 Exceeding 6100 and not exceeding 6400
G-5 Exceeding 5800 and not exceeding 6100
G-6 Exceeding 5500 and not exceeding 5800
G-7 Exceeding 5200 and not exceeding 5500
G-8 Exceeding 4900 and not exceeding 5200
G-9 Exceeding 4600 and not exceeding 4900
G-10 Exceeding 4300 and not exceeding 4600
G-11 Exceeding 4000 and not exceeding 4300
G-12 Exceeding 3700 and not exceeding 4000
G-13 Exceeding 3400 and not exceeding 3700
G-14 Exceeding 3100 and not exceeding 3400
G-15 Exceeding 2800 and not exceeding 3100
G-16 Exceeding 2500 and not exceeding 2800
G-17 Exceeding 2200 and not exceeding 2500