साउथ ईस्टर्न कोलफील्ड्स लिमिटेड

South Eastern Coalfields Limited

(भारत सरकार का उपक्रम)

(A Government of India Undertaking)

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SECL is in its strive for higher production from underground mines has successfully introduced thick seam extraction with cable bolting, depillaring of contiguous seams with floor pinning and Powered Support Longwall Technology with Chinese Collaboration at Balrampur and Rajendra Under Ground Mines, Mass production technology with continuous miners in collaboration with UK and other developed countries, Hydro-fracturing and long hole blasting at goaf from underground for hard roof management at Churcha West Mines, Indigenously developed Cutter Loader to avoid blasting in gassy mine etc.
  • Long Wall Mining : This technology was introduced and has successfully been operated during last one decade in SECL at Kumda New, Balrampur and Rajendra Mines.
  • Shortwall Mining : This method is a combination of Longwall and Board & Pillar (B&P) mining which envisages the extraction of standing coal pillars (formed by development in Board & Pillar layout) with the help of Self Advancing PSLW equipment. It is successfully in operation at Balrampur UG mine of Bishrampur Area.


  • Continuous Miner & Shuttle Car Combination: Initially it was introduced at Anjan Hill mine of Chirimiri Area in May 2002. Thereafter, equipment shifted to NCPH mine. Two more CM packages have been deployed at Kurja-Sheetaldhara UG of Hasdeo Area & Pinoura UG at Johilla Area.

  • Low Capacity Continuous Miner (LCCM). LCCM is the Continuous Miner of smaller capacity. It has been introduced at Rani Atari UG mine of Chirimiri Area. Here Coal evacuation from faces is done by Coal Haulers.

  • High Wall Mining : This technology is suitable for thin (minimum 0.9m) and moderate coal seams where neither opencast nor the conventional underground mining methodology is possible to exploit the coal seams economically. It enables recovery of coal from surface pits that have reached the final high wall position due to uneconomic stripping ratio, or where coal has become sterilized due to surface constraints (infrastructure, water-courses, habitation etc.). Highwall mining has been successfully introduced for the first time in Coal India Ltd in February,2011 at Sharda mine of Sohagpur Area


Up-gradation of technology is a continuous process. Modern generation shovels and dumpers having capacity 10 meter cube and 120 Te dumper are being used in Open Cast mines. With use of such HEMMs, SECL has the distinction of operating biggest opencast mine in the country. As a Major mechanization drive in opencast mining, 42 Cum Electric Rope Shovels and 240 Te. Dumpers have been deployed for the first time in the country at Gevra & Dipka Mega OC projects.
  • Introduction of Surface Miners for coal production in Gevra OC project. Surface Miners have been deployed for coal production at Gevra Expn, Dipka OC Expn, Kusmunda OC Expn & Chhal OC Project of Raigarh Area. The total coal production from surface miners during FY 12-13 was 71.116 MT.